Automatic Strapping Machines

We lead the industry in choices and quality in this category. We offer general-purpose high-performance machines from economy machine up to world-class innovative high-speed machines for narrow straps.

TP-702 Mercury

Mercury TP-702 is an innovative world-class high speed automatic strapping machine. It is suitable for 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, or 12mm PP strap. It equips with all industry’s standard features and creative user friendly designs. Mercury TP-702 offers the most optimal performance, highest speed, easiest maintenance, and the most cost effective solution in its class today.

TP-601D Tauris

Tauris TP-601D is an enhanced automatic strapping machine for PP strapping (8 mm – 12 mm). With the enhanced features, Tauris is the most powerful machine and the best price to performance ratio product in its category for general applications.


TP-702NIL is a fully automatic strapping system for inline cross strapping. The design without bundle turning can secure the integrity of the bundle for cross strapping.