Development at Schmedt

Since the introducing of the stamping press PräGnant in 1967, a large number of Prä-machines have been developed. The needs of the graphic industry, especially those of the craft and industrial bookbinders influenced these developments.
Meanwhile the challenges of the digital printing industry are part of our product design.

Making of book covers<br/>Case-Making with PräDeka XL

With this case-making machine you can make a lot of differents formats without big adjustments to the machine: The production range of the versatile PräDeka XL is quite large: You can make small and large formats as well as single- and multi-piece cases using boards of different thicknesses. Thus you can make all kinds of cases and backs for pictures, posters, calendars or even game-boards.
The vacuum-table keeps the cover sheet on the table to facilitate the placing of the boards and the spine. The joint bars e.g. for the multi-piece covers are easy to adjust or to replace. To place the cover sheet at the right place, different sets of guides and stops are available.

The casing-in of books

After the production of book-block and book-cover, both parts have to be attached to each other. For this process it is important to apply the gluefilm thin and even onto the end-papers of the book-block. This could be adjusted by the controls om the touchscreen. The block will be placed on the sword (wing) which dives between the two glue rollers, At the same time, the book-cover is placed to the guides. Next the block apllied with glue runs into the open cover. This could be release3d manually or automatically.

Pressing and forming of a book

The PräForm is perfect in combination with the casing-in machine PräLeg. After the book has been cased-in, the book has to be pressed to connect the end-apeper of the block and the cover. To make the book even stronger and to optimize the opening of the book, the joint will be set by a heated bar. The glue is aktivated again and pressed together by the bar. With the PräForm appr. 150 books could be processed in an hour.