“Brilliance is just a term that defines Ionic Chemicals”

Ionic Chemicals has worked its way to the top of the Industrial chain. Ionic Chemicals is an industrial specialist when it comes to mass production of Industrial adhesives & Coatings.

Hotmelt Perfect Book<br/>Bindding Adhesives

‘Ionic Chemicals’ offers you Hotmelt Perfect Book Bindding Adhesives under the brand name of ‘I-TACK’ It is a EVA based Adhesive for Spine and Side application in Perfect Binding Machines. The product is suitable upto 18 clamps perfect binding machinery .

Animal Jelly Glues

‘Ionic Chemicals’ presents exclusive range of ANIMAL JELLY GLUE under the brand name of ‘I-TACK’ , which is not only smell free but of top-most quality and best suited as per corporate standards. These are apt for fully as well as semi-automated machines. The stuff is actually a water soluble hot melt that reacts with the surface and acts as dispersion to create an unbreakable sturdy bond.

Wet Lamination Adhesives

‘‘Ionic Chemicals’ offers you Water based Wet Lamination Adhesives under the Brand Name of ‘I-TACK’ This variant is best suited for semi-automatic machines. We promise you not only a long term output but also a sharp competitive edge in the market with our quality product.