Graphic Whizard

Graphic Whizard is committed to the manufacturing and distribution of top quality print finishing products. Throughout our manufacturing and distribution processes, there are quality control checks from start to finish. We take pride in our excellence and are continually searching for ways to grow and improve our existing product line.

GW 12000

This fully automatic, pneumatic numbering system with double shafts (DS) gives users greater productivity and versatility. Now, a four-up job can be numbered and easily processed with only a single pass through the machine. More productivity equals more profit. With features similar to the “8000”, the “12000” adds higher production speeds while maintaining register and accuracy.

CreaseMaster Plus+

The CreaseMaster Plus+ is ideal for the mid to high volume users ensuring a professional finish for every job. This pneumatic model is available in two production speeds; 3600 sph or 4600 sph and both offer multiple creases per sheet, job memory as well as options such as Strike perf and Impact perf . The system incorporates a user-friendly touch screen allowing for easy set up and programming, as well jobs can be stored and quickly retrieved for future use.

Numbering, Perforating,<br/>Scoring & Slitting Systems

Graphic Whizard manufactures the only friction feeder that consistently and accurately feeds any sized pre-padded carbonless sets from the unglued side. With a Graphic Whizard you can create snap sets while you number.