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Digital signage is a type of information display system that uses a network to transmit (display) advertising and other information on LCD displays. Unlike conventional paper poster advertisements, digital signage doesn’t need to be torn down every time the content is updated. Once the LCD displays are installed, new content can continue to be fed into the system via a network. The ongoing convenience of digital signage is the reason we are seeing more and more of it around us.

Signage Displays

Sharp’s sleek LCD professional signage offers a sophisticated way to convey your message. They combine full-HD image quality and improved energy efficiency with professional-use durability and round-the-clock dependability
Streamlined for a pleasing appearance and minimal protruding parts, this professional LCD monitor boast exceptionally thin profiles.

Sharp Digital Signage Solutions

Sharp various choices of Digital Signage Solutions provides efficient ways to Update and Target Your Message to the right audience.

Interactive Displays

Sharp’s Intelligent Touch Board PN-60TB3 is designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. Its highly responsive touch pen allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time.
And Sharp’s Touch Display Link software enables multifaceted wireless communication. Whether in the boardroom or the classroom, Sharp changes the way you communicate.

Video Walls

Hades Video Wall Processor

Video Wall Processors are high performance video processing workstations with hardware based architecture and without an operating system. Employing the pure hardware FPGA architecture with self-developed core algorithm provides HADES processor excellent image processing performance. Abandoning operation system prevents HADES from crashes, collisions, blue screen and viruses which commonly suffered by software architecture.

Sharp 24 / 7 Professional video wall solutions

Our ultra thin bezel professional panel is designed for video wall applications. This LCD-monitor can be used in a variety of signage and multi screen configurations. As a flexible solution with an almost seamless bezel if 5mm between screens, the range sets a new standard for video wall displays.

Sharp Education Solutions

Sharp offers various solutions specifically for Education verticals like Intelligent Touch Boards in 60/70 and 80 inches and software like Digital Notice Board (DNB), Lecture Scheduler, Classroom Management Software, Annotation Software, Digital Libraries for teaching and learning , Collaboration software(BYOD) etc.